Media design projects are unique and vary from project to project. We work with you to determine the scope, and design an appropriate solution for you and your client. Preliminary design renderings in still and video format, and mock-ups will help to establish basic hardware and software requirements to achieve the desired effect. Development in the form of drawings, consultation with manufacturers and media integrators, and mock-ups are conducted to establish the next levels of design development. Media mapping diagrams, video resolution specification and additional control strategies will be developed with the design team, along with content development if requested. Lastly, we can be on-site for installation and to advise on commissioning.



  • Design of small- and large-scale media installations
  • Selection of appropriate color-changing RGB technologies and controls
  • Animated visualization of design solutions
  • Photometric evaluation of light output
  • Development of content for proper display on medium
  • Facilitation with other trades for successful project completion



Envoy Hotel

Downtown Boston


Lam Partners Media Wall

We don’t just design and specify; we have an in-house display that we use to test materials and content generation. The images at left show studies for how the wall would perform; the video on the right shows the wall in construction with mapped content.


Football Stadium

in Los Angeles

~38,000 nodes

Stairwell at a Corporate Office

Node grid 4″ o.c.