After the design team and client determined not to introduce baffles, we attempted to mediate daylight with various adjustments of the skylight panel materials. Interior motorized shades were also deemed problematic due to the added hardware, noise, and maintenance required.

The studies during this iteration included many tests of various combinations of solid, translucent, and clear glass at various transmissions.  Below is merely a sampling of the tests we performed.

Through these studies it became clear that the only way to dial direct sunlight down to 500lux in the summer was to use very low-transmission glass, which would create a very gloomy space during the non-sunny portion of the year.  It was therefore determined to test electrochromic glass for it’s capacity to control the worst case (mid-summer), while offering the potential to remain clear when not required.


Option 3b: Clerestory glazing clear, angled skylight translucent