fl.2 at Fairmont Pittsburgh

Retail & Hospitality
LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA
SIZE: 5,400 sq. ft.
OWNERS: Fairmont Pittsburgh
ARCHITECT: Lazara Rosa-Violán with mossArchitects
PHOTOGRAPHER: © fl.2 / Fairmont Pittsburgh

 Chris Hoyman
 Steph Valencia

How do you take the feature restaurant in a City’s premier hotel, and make it better? That was the challenge faced by Fairmont Pittburgh in reinventing the restaurant that started the downtown, local-first revolution in Pittsburgh. Taking cues from the City’s rich history, the restaurant evokes casual luxury at its finest. Curated details, warm hues, vintage metallic finishes, and modern woodwork set the backdrop for a lighting scheme that integrates into and reveals the architecture. Bespoke lighting fixtures with mid-century modern flair act as the finishing touch to the space.