InterContinental Hotel Miami

Retail & Hospitality | Media Displays
LOCATION: Miami, Florda
SIZE: 30,000 sq. ft. + 19-story media façade
OWNERS: Strategic Hotels & Resorts
ARCHITECT: Lohan Anderson + Roszak
PHOTOGRAPHER: © Scott McDonald, Hedrich Blessing Photographers

DESIGN TEAM:Robert Osten
 Kera Lagios

This thorough 2012 renovation brought Pietro Belluschi’s classic Modernist hotel convincingly into the 21st century. The updated lobby, atrium, and two new restaurants feature addressable LED panels and touchscreen tables. On the exterior, a 19-story, low-resolution media façade provides a striking identity for the hotel on the Miami skyline, and a giant canvas for digital art. The project incorporates over 90,000 independent LED nodes, wired through the pre-existing phone lines. Careful integration eliminates any guestroom disturbance.