Bob received his Masters of Architecture from MIT, and practiced architecture before specializing in lighting design. With over 25 years of experience as a professional lighting designer, he has consulted on hundreds of projects of a wide variety of types and scales, ranging from single residences to multi-billion dollar airports and convention centers. He has particularly enjoyed working on projects that can be experienced by the general public.

While serving as a principal at Lam Partners, Bob provided both design and project oversight. He has a particular interest in 3D visualization and design tools for daylighting and electric lighting, and was responsible for managing Lam’s design tool hardware and software resources and training. He has also been involved in several projects incorporating large-scale low-resolution LED imaging, and is intrigued by the challenge of using media display as architecture.

Although retired from day-to-day activity at Lam Partners, Bob continues to be involved in strategic planning, and his design sense and vision are carried forward in the work of all those whom he has mentored and inspired.

Selected Projects