So, you want to view virtual reality content on your smartphone? Here’s a tutorial to get you started.

STEP 1: Get a VR viewer headset.

Many options already exist on the market, with more added every day. We like Google Cardboard because it’s cheap ($10), but any VR viewer will do.

STEP 2: Load content

Loading content depends on platform. We use the iPhone, which does not have a dedicated app with easy integration just yet, so here’s what we’ve been using:


  1. Download the Mobile VR Station App
  2. Download the VR files provided by Lam for your project (there should be 3 files: .sbs, .sbsl, .sbsr)
  3. Download iTunes onto computer if you don’t have it already, then plug iPhone into computer
  4. Click the iPhone icon in the upper left, then to Apps in the left sidebar
  5. Scroll down until you find the Mobile VR Station App, and load the 3 files. Unplug iPhone
  6. Within Mobile VR Station, you’ll find the image under ‘Browse Content, Files, Photo…”>Drives>Documents
  7. To change settings such as eye distance, add a profile.
  8. Once in the VR mode, you’ll see a banner of text/images. Hover over “Use Eye Mode” until the banner/text disappears.


Many more options exist, we’ve used NVIDIA VR Viewer:

  1. Download the NVIDIA VR Viewer
  2. Download the 1:1 4K jpeg provided by Lam for your project.
  3. Upload jpeg to phone app.



For reference, the below video shows how we created the VR content.