Brighter Boston Winter Walking Tour

Lam recently participated in the Brighter Boston Winter Walking Tour, a gathering of both students and lighting design professionals to talk about career paths within the lighting design community, while walking through some beautifully illuminated spaces. Brighter Boston guides teenagers to discover meaningful work and personal success through life-changing professional internships in the event production industry. 

At The Embrace memorial in downtown Boston, Jha D Amazi, Architect/Principal at MASS Design Group, shared an overview of the overall project and spoke to the Kings’ history and legacy. Lam Principal Keith Yancey spoke about Lam’s lighting design of the memorial, and shared how lighting can be transformative with a hands-on, or rather “feet-on” activity by having each participant cover up the memorial’s uplights, and on the count of 3, jumping off to reveal the uplighting onto the sculpture.




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