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We are visionaries, fluent in the language of light – pushing expectations of what lighting design can do, and elevating the human experience.

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Lam Labs


Sometimes the tools or methodologies available on the market do not meet the needs of a specific application. Here we birth and develop new possibilities that are necessary for our craft. We collaborate with software engineers and lighting manufacturers to develop these new tools.


Lam Labs delves into the vast field of light and lighting, to bridge the gap between research and practice. Internal research topics as well as collaborations with the architectural and scientific communities, municipalities and code committees, deepen our collective understanding of light and its many manifestations.


Using light as a medium, we connect with people, support and nourish our communities, and educate others through the understanding of light and lighting. Workshops, lectures, lighting tours and hands-on experiments are all part of how we engage with the design and educational communities, locally and nationally. 

We are Lam Partners.

The collaboration between light and design inspires us. We are driven and curious—partnering with creators and makers equally ambitious in their craft.