Celebrating a Decade of Innovation and Creativity with Lam Labs

This year Lam Labs is celebrating a decade of innovation and creativity in lighting design. To commemorate this remarkable journey, we’re diving into a retrospective celebration of the groundbreaking work that has emerged from the Lab over the past ten years. In this edition, we’re shining a spotlight on our involvement in public art projects. Join us as we revisit some of the most memorable and impactful installations that have not only illuminated spaces, but also hearts.

Lynn Beyond Walls, Lynn, MA

In 2015, Lam began working with the group Lynn Beyond Walls, a group of business owners, residents, and artists creating public art, seeking to revitalize Lynn, MA. Central to the concept was to offer improved wayfinding and a sense of security in the heart of the downtown area. Lam Partners teamed with Payette and Port Lighting to design dramatic and colorful underpass lighting, connecting the downtown area to create an inviting and appealing nighttime experience.

Door2, Somerville “nightLIGHTS” Initiative, Cambridge, MA

For the “nightLIGHTS” initiative by the Somerville Arts Council in 2019, Lam created “Door¬≤,” offering an immersive experience through a pair of doors installed in Davis Square Plaza and the East Somerville Library, simulating the warmth of coming home with enveloping light.

Tova Speter (2)

Brighter Connected, Cambridge, MA

At the peak of the pandemic, Lam played a crucial role in “Brighter Connected,” a 2020 Hanukkah celebration by the Jewish Arts Collaborative, which involved creating lighting for public art installations across eight Boston neighborhoods, enhancing the festival’s spirit during a particularly challenging year.

Interwoven, New York, NY

In 2021, Lam Labs collaborated with Atelier Cho Thompson on “Interwoven” at Flatiron Plaza, NYC, a Van Alen Holiday Installation winner. This installation, aimed at community engagement, showcased stories of NYC’s underserved youth through a dynamic, interactive structure that merged diverse voices with light and sound, fostering community interaction post-isolation. These projects underscore Lam’s contribution to enhancing public spaces through innovative lighting design, fostering community engagement, and celebrating cultural diversity.

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