On The Boards – 345 Dorchester Avenue Lobby Sculpture

345 Dorchester Avenue is a 644,000-square-foot mixed-use building in South Boston that includes residential, office and lab areas. A key feature of the project is the lobby sculpture designed by Justin Brown of Lam Partners. The sculpture is the dynamic jewel of the Entry Lobby Cube that embodies the design story, “Changing States of Matter”. Lam’s sculpture is suspended from the ceiling to allow maximum presence from both the north and east entries and the exterior sidewalks. It is composed of color-changing LED light fixtures, which originate within the vertical wood slats on the lobby’s west wall. The changing colors represent the varying intensity of a flame’s heat, and they morph as the light fixture travels up the wall. At the top of the wall, the lights turn onto the ceiling, and the sculpture frees itself from the wood slats as a new form. The shape is pliable and fluid, like ore that has been melted in the smelting process. The shades of color and movement of the LED lighting can be programmed, with the capability of appearing to interact with the surrounding community as people walk by.


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