Boston University Howard Thurman Center

Academic | Cultural
LOCATION: Brookline, MA
SIZE: 19,000 SF
OWNERS: Boston University/MGH
PHOTOGRAPHER: © Tracy Shankle

DESIGN TEAM:Justin Brown

The new home for Boston University’s Howard Thurman Center encompasses 19,000 SF and is a key student life hub at the center of campus. The new space supports existing programs, allows for expanded programming, and captures the energy of the people who make the center unique. The street-level space brings increased visibility to the Howard Thurman Center through a new building entry defined by the undercut corner of the building. Inside, a variety of meeting and event spaces, both formal and informal, provide the flexibility to support a variety of programs. Staff offices are dispersed throughout, allowing for increased student-staff interactions and visibility throughout the center. The meditation room allows for students to decompress and focus their attention in a quiet space. The whole design is grounded and centered on a community stair that connects the two levels and provides spaces for gathering, performing, and chance meetings.