Case Western Reserve University Residential Village and Athletics Field

Academic | Sports Facilities
LOCATION: Cleveland, OH
SIZE: 500,000 sq. ft.
OWNERS: Case Western Reserve University
ARCHITECT: Goody, Clancy & Associates
PHOTOGRAPHER: © Anton Grassl

DESIGN TEAM:Robert Osten
 James Perry

Case Western Reserve University sought to create a LEED-rated residential student village with an athletic facility at its heart. Seven student houses encircle the track and field complex, along with the Athletic Field House and bleachers. A Musco sports lighting system was designed to ensure that the layout of the high-mast poles would not conflict with pedestrian entrances to the student villages, or with spectator vantage points from within the adjacent buildings. ‘Competition’ and ‘Practice’ illumination levels were provided for flexibility and power conservation when appropriate. While the lighting hardware takes a back seat to the built form and landscape, the illuminated residential village and sports complex creates a nighttime environment at the heart of campus activity.