Exterior | Cultural
LOCATION: Somerville, MA
OWNERS: Port Lighting
PHOTOGRAPHER: © Justin Brown, Maggie Golden, Srushti Totadri, Dan Pham

DESIGN TEAM:Justin Brown
 Srushti Totadri
 Dan Pham
 Maura Clark

As part of the Somerville Arts Council “nightLIGHTS,” a series of light installations appearing throughout the city, Lam Partners created door², an immersive “door” experience that envelopes a warm inviting light to create the experience of home.

At Davis Square Plaza and the East Somerville Library a re-purposed, wooden front door stands alone in its frame. As passersby grow curious, they will find they can open the door partially and be immersed in the warm inviting light of “home”, while they are briefly silhouetted against the darkness of the evening.