Southern New Hampshire University Library & Learning Commons

Academic | Cultural
LOCATION: Manchester, NH
SIZE: 50,000 SF
OWNERS: Southern New Hampshire University
ARCHITECT: Perry Dean Rogers

DESIGN TEAM:Keith Yancey
 James Perry

From the beginning, the Edward S. Wolak Library was conceived as a daylighted space. The tall expanses of vertical glazing in the main reading room offers sweeping views out and ample daylight in. The glass walls are protected by a warm wooden lid serving as a portico and large-scale overhang to shield direct sun. On the west façade there is an additional layer of vertical wooden fins to help block low setting sun. In the center of the large two-story reading room, is a sculptured laylight that diffuses daylight and balances the brightness from the abundant vertical sidelighting. Most all of the electric lighting is integrated above the sculpted ceiling, tucked into coves, slots, and other architectural details to supplement daylight when needed, and to glow the building at night.