SQZ Biotechnologies

LOCATION: Watertown, MA
SIZE: 63,000 SF
OWNERS: SQZ Biotechnologies
PHOTOGRAPHER: © Anton Grassl

DESIGN TEAM:Glenn Heinmiller
 Amber Hepner
 Srushti Totadri

This adaptive reuse project transformed 63,000 square feet of a 19th century industrial building into a 21st century research facility for SQZ Biotech (“Squeeze”). Daylight entering through ample skylights and windows satisfies much of the lighting needs during the day. On cloudy days and after dark, a bold lighting solution provides general lighting throughout by indirectly lighting the high sloped ceilings, avoiding the clutter and complexity of hanging fixtures throughout the large volumes. Additional illuminance levels at the lab benches are provided by a unique integrated bench lighting system. Overall lighting power density for the project, approximately half-lab and half-office, is only 0.45 w/ft2 resulting in a $39,697 Mass Save Performance Lighting incentive payment to the owner.