Esker Foundation

Esker Foundation


Calgary, AB, Canada




16,710 SF


Esker Foundation


Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.


2013 IES Illumination Award of Merit

2013 IES Awards New England Section – Award of Merit


© Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.

Designed as a premier destination in Calgary’s East End, this gallery space is itself a work of art. Perched on the top floor of a 4-story building below an undulating roof, this space provides a forum for the city’s vibrant, emerging artistic community. The large open area is subdivided into smaller galleries and working spaces to suit installations of varied size and scope, and is shaped by a reading room, a unique “nest” conference room, and a black-box gallery space with LED track heads. The low-voltage dimmable halogen track system is overlaid with concealed fluorescent work lights, and the LED fixtures are tucked into the architecture allow the space to speak for itself. A central dimming system was incorporated to extend halogen lamp life, conserve energy, and allow the staff to easily adapt the lighting to suit a wide variety of show requirements – with the convenience of a custom iPad control surface.

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