Law Firm Office


Boston, MA




165,000 SF




Elkus Manfredi Architects


© Evan Joseph

A high-caliber law firm located in the Seaport District of Boston, set out to renovate and refresh nearly all of its 165,000 square feet of existing office space.  The practice areas are spread out across five floors within the building at 155 Seaport Boulevard, so it was important to the firm to create multiple meeting rooms, gathering areas, and amenity areas on all levels, in order to maximize the connectivity between team members and their clients. Breaking free from its previous, more traditional legal firm décor and aesthetic, which was heavy with dark wood finishes, the firm worked with the Architect to craft an elegant space with a much lighter material and finish palette. The neutral tones and brighter architectural finishes were subtly accented with light to create a bright, warm, and welcoming feeling, typical of high-end hospitality areas.  The fit and finish of the new office needed to reflect the prestigious reputation of the firm, while being extremely comfortable and inviting.

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