Timberline Lodge Pool Renovation


Mt. Hood, OR




3,100 SF


Timberline Lodge


Soderstrom Architects


© David Papazian

Design Team

After 65 years, the original Timberline Lodge pool in the Pacific Northwest had served its useful life. Decommissioning began in the fall of 2022, making way for a new pool and hot tub at the historic Lodge. Lam Partners worked closely with Soderstrom Architects to create a becoming lighting design to complement Timberline’s historical landscape, while fitting within Mt. Hood’s short construction window.

The updated pool area is designed to enhance guest experiences with a variety of features. It includes a sloped depth ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet, an integrated hot tub with a water feature and gravity massage, and low-level lighting to minimize light pollution and maintain the area’s natural ambiance. The pool is encased in a 75% glass enclosure that is bird-friendly, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding majestic scenery. Additionally, the design incorporates public restrooms located below the skybridge, adding convenience for guests.

The renovation reflects a commitment to preserving the Timberline Lodge’s unique heritage while offering modern luxuries to its guests. The project emphasizes the lodge’s ongoing effort to recreate and enhance the pool experience for visitors, aiming to retain its historical significance and provide a luxurious modern retreat.

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