‘The Embrace’ Unveiled on Boston Common

An embrace is filled with love and warmth. Our lighting design for ‘The Embrace’, the new memorial recently unveiled in Boston Common that honors the legacies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, aspired to enhance that feeling, creating a soft, inviting glow from within the sculpture. The random pattern of lights are anything but that. The locations are highly curated to focus light on the moments of embrace, the humanity of the details – their touch, their jewelry, their buttons, their love. At nighttime, as people walk over the small ingrade lights, shadows will pass along the sculpture, bringing the viewer into the embrace and the history of this moment in time. Framing the sculpture, in-grade wallwashers illuminate the quote by Coretta Scott King, celebrating their legacy together. We are extremely proud to have collaborated with artist Hank Willis Thomas and architect MASS Design Group on this beautiful statement of love and humanity.

Image credit/courtesy of: MASS Design Group


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