XS House Featured on Architect Magazine & in Architectural Record

January 2020

”But now the sliver of land at the edge of the Center City district has been transformed by local architecture firm ISA into seven sleek and livable apartments. The oddly shaped lot is a leftover from the construction of Interstate 676, a below-grade multilane highway dating from the late 1950s that sliced through Philadelphia’s dense urban fabric.” Architectural Record features XS House, our lighting project with architecture firm ISA, in the January 2020 issue.

XS House, located in Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood, slots seven apartments into an 11-food-wide by 93-foot long site, strategically occupying expanded bays, mezzanines, and bi-level upper units for a total of  5,000 square feet. Lighting in the apartments needed to be strategically placed as to not take up the already limited space while also complementing the urban architecture.

XS House Appeared as a Feature Article in Architectural Record, January 2020