Tova Speter (2)

Brighter Connected


Boston Area, MA



Tova Speter (2)

Socially distant Festival of Lights celebration for Hanukkah 2020 featured 8 community artists. Lam Labs assisted two artists in illuminating their works.

2020 was a challenging and trying year for many. However, the brilliance and joy of the MFA’s “Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights” celebration shined during an otherwise dark year. The celebration was relocated from the Museum out into eight Boston-area neighborhoods, from Newton to Chelsea. Conceptualized by Tova Speter and coordinated by the Jewish Arts Collaborative, Brighter Connected utilized eight site-specific public art installations within empty storefront windows, to share the light of Hanukkah through installation designed for socially distanced viewing. Lam Partners had the unique opportunity to collaborate with two of the talented public artists: Tova Speter and Silvina Mizrahi

Collective Luminescence

Window Display, Newton Centre, MA

Tova Speter, 2020

Speter’s installation is about connectivity. She led numerous zoom art workshops with over 200 students from…..(continue text as is)….”At a particular exterior viewing location, the eye comes into perfect alignment. Blacklights were mounted on the floor beneath the windows to be hidden from exterior views. A single blacklight spotlight illuminates the mandala at the rear, shielded from view by a custom constructed valence.

To Life!

Window Display, Coolidge Corner, Brookline MA

Silvina Mizrahi, 2020

Silvina Mizrahi’s piece exudes the feeling of celebrations, connecting light, dance, and feelings of joy. Her piece includes dancing figures created by older adults from Hebrew Senior Life and young girls from “Divas Mentoring Divas”. Lighting adds additional depth to the piece with blue colored shadows projected onto the adjacent walls. White accent lighting highlights the dancing figures, each outfitted with unique costumes and accessories. 

It was such a delight to work alongside these two brilliant Artists, and seeing locals peek through the storefront windows during and after the setup/installation process. The installations were up from December 8-18th, 2020 during the celebration of Hanukkah!