Light+Justice Symposium – Interior Spaces

02 April 2024

Everyone deserves good lighting and beneficial darkness, particularly indoors, where most of us spend most of our time. Good lighting is an investment in occupant satisfaction, well-being, and productivity.

Join lighting designer Richard Muthama as he presents his thesis research at the IES/Parsons School of Design, in collaboration with Light+Justice, symposium exploring how indoor quality – especially in public facilities – is generally neglected for marginalized, under-resourced, and vulnerable occupants.

Richard joined Light+Justice as a curator shortly after pursuing his master’s degree in lighting design at Parsons. Sparked by a compelling class titled “Construction and Slavery,” the class opened his eyes to the critical role lighting plays in social justice issues and led him to delve into how lighting impacts prison environments, particularly sleep environments, for his thesis paper. This role at Light+Justice allows him to combine his background in Interior Architecture and his advanced studies in lighting design with his passion for Spatial Justice.

The symposium will be held Friday, April 5 – register here.

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