315 on A

Retail & Hospitality
LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts
SIZE: 275,000 sq. ft.
OWNERS: Gerding Elden Development
PHOTOGRAPHER: © Lam Partners

DESIGN TEAM:Glenn Heinmiller
 Justin Brown

Nestled comfortably within Boston’s vibrant Innovation District, the 20-story “315 on A” residential tower merges elements of local historic architecture with contemporary materials and design to form a modern aesthetic, appropriate for the growing neighborhood. The clean architectural lines, combined with often raw or bare materials, helped to inform the lighting concepts throughout the project, from the custom, modern industrial LED unit and hallway sconces to the multitude of fixtures, carefully integrated into the architectural details. The thoughtful selection and placement of high efficiency LED and fluorescent fixtures resulted in an extremely low lighting power density that far exceeded the developer’s sustainability goals, without sacrificing the lighted environment.