Moxy Hotel

Retail & Hospitality
SIZE: 142,500 SF
OWNERS: Marriott
ARCHITECT: Group One Partners, Stantec
PHOTOGRAPHER: © Warren Jagger

DESIGN TEAM:Keith Yancey
 Sarah Fisher
 Jack Risser
 Maura Clark

Sexy, moody, hip – the lighting design for the new MOXY Hotel in downtown Boston is definitely not your average hospitality lighting. Through playful neon accents, thoughtful layers of light, and decorative lighting installations, the new hotel located on Tremont Street fits right into Boston’s downtown theater district. The use of colored light is used as an exploration of additive and subtractive color mixing, and by using blue light, it’s almost as if the backstage lights from the adjacent theaters inadvertently spills into the hotel’s atmosphere, creating a special connection to its new home. Splashes of color, large graphic walls, strategically placed “Instagram” scenes, and unique materials and textures are just a few things that make up this elaborate and stylish pallet. The design team from Lam Partners and architects Group One Partners and Stantec really set the scene for a fun and energetic stay, which will be much needed in a post-Covid world.