The View Boston


Boston, MA




59,000 SF


Boston Properties




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© Glenn Heinmiller
© Lisa Wong

© Wenjin Wu

“The Pru”, fondly referred to by Bostonians, has been the pinnacle anchor for the city for generations. Through its lights, it has spoken to the city in many ways. The glowing crown has celebrated wins, stood in solidarity, and supported causes. The redesign keeps this relationship intact while maintaining the sanctity of the original facade and architecture.

The experience begins with a descent down the escalator / stairwell sequence. Ceiling graphics are uplit with fixtures completely concealed from view. An elevator whisks guests up 52 floors, entering a panorama of the city.

The essence of this experience ensures visitors and the city to be in constant conversation. A play of contrast between layers of light allows one to always look out towards the city while enjoying the warmth of the interior.

This holds true for the Bistro on Floor 50 – providing guests with unobstructed reflection-free views of the city while dining. The white, reflective membrane ceiling catches sparkle from backlit glassware within the bar casework.
At the Stratus Bar on Floor 51, a welcoming glow comes from strategically targeted lighting. The cast-glass bar top is indirectly illuminated from the back, providing a luminous quality, without telegraphing the source through the front edge. The shelving behind the bar has recessed lines of light, positioned to avoid reflections in the mirrored back wall.

The observation deck involved an intense study of controlling reflections for unobstructed views of Boston. Multiple iterations led to four layers of light at the crown of the building. The programmable dimming system allows an endless variety of scenes for special occasions and big celebrations.

Through this installation, the building’s renewed iconic status provides a fresh, dynamic communication with the city, and offers a wonderful amenity for its residents.

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