Bluerock Therapeutics


Cambridge, MA




48,000 SF






© Anton Grassl

The historic 238 Main Street building in Cambridge’s Kendall Square now houses the innovative workspace and state-of-the-art lab environment of Bluerock Therapeutics. Above the building’s main lobby, oversized supergraphics of “Bluerock” and “Stem + Cell” draw visitors toward the space. Upon exiting the elevator, supergraphics capture full attention within the striking blue corridor, artfully illuminated by a series of suspended asymmetric uplights that highlight the text.

Visitors are greeted at a reception desk placed in front of an impressive, egg-shaped wooden structure, accentuated by rings of integrated light. A white mesh ceiling connects reception to the central cafe and lounge, obscuring “Bluerock blue”-painted mechanical equipment above, and highlighted by an array of luminous tubes weaving an intricate pattern above the mesh. These tubes transition into a series of pendants that stretch over workstations in open office areas, further enhanced by clusters of simple, yet elegant decorative pendants, forming focal points for seating and collaborative spaces.

In a subtly impactful design choice, structural columns throughout the space are encircled with surface-mounted rings of light. This contemporary interpretation of a classical column capital adds modernity and elegance, extending the apparent height of the ceilings.
Overall, the lighting design at Bluerock enhances the crisp interior design for a comfortable and stimulating work environment for scientists and researchers.

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